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 Shenzhen NUOSSTAR Technology Co., Ltd.founded in 1999, the company specializes in producing fully automatic screen printing presses, ive soldering, wave soldering, reflow, SMT peripheral equipment. Nuo Sida brand wave soldering share in the domestic high volume, with more than 10 years of experience to serve our customers. Fully automatic screen printer vigorously after several years of development, has reached the international advanced level, following the DEK, MPM after one pair of fully automatic screen printer R & D, production has the experience and the strength of the manufacturer. NSP3000 fully automatic screen printer is the emphasis on high-speed, repeatability and flexibility excellent platform for high-volume applications including fine pitch QFP, SOP, BGA, CSP, 0402,0201, high-density electronic components provide high accuracy the degree of mass imaging operation.

  Selective peak after three years of development and testing, the indicators have reached the international level to address the traditional ive soldering capacity issues. Truly high-volume production requirements, while addressing the precision welding and modular design, with equipment upgrades requirements. When upgrading production more than one combination into a production line to achieve greater production capacity.
      Wave soldering reflow of our success for nearly 3,000 customers at home and abroad, after years of improvement and development, has become our customers solve the necessary equipment in the production process, the indicators in the pursuit of the process requirements. Continue to follow the electronic-intensive development trend Recently, we again reflow collection of modular design concept for the research and development of a new generation of reflow, was about to marketing, the company is now the successful launch of a fine profit intelligent wave soldering and improve the welding point pass rate, reduce energy consumption point of view of environmental protection requirements to accommodate the majority of users.
      Adhering to the “ "high-tech, high-quality, excellent service," the purpose, adhere to international standardization, professional approach, Nuo Sidas lead-free wave soldering,Free reflow has been successfully exported to the United States, Britain, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil and other countries, and with agencies, Nuo Sida products with good quality and good service customers alike.

   "Customer is God" Nuo Sida but the aim has always been sincere to provide customers with the highest quality equipment and superior after-sales service. We would like to work together to progress, brilliant.

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