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Recruitment    >>  Talent philosophy

Employee is the foundation of our companys survival development. Good employees, bring good products and good service. Brand staff, makes the brand enterprise.

Decarnon Talent philosophy:
First, pay attention to morality when ion. Second, relying on ability when employing.
Third, depend on materials when training. Forth, save talents by affection.
Pay attention to morality when ion: Identity with Decarnon values is our first premise of candidate. Employees who having both ability and political integrity are qualified. Political integrity first.
Relying on ability when employing: Everybody was let to display his talents fully. In Decarnon, who ability stronger, who can get more important work.
Depend on materials when training: Each has its strong points. Decarnon pay attention to its special talents of each person when training talents. Individual career planning are formulated according to each persons situation.
Save talents by affection: Wide development space are supplied to employees in Decarnon, make its ability to play fully. More friendly working environment and cultural atmosphere are formed to keep more talents.

Decarnon Work Ethic:
Decarnon advocate "healthy, happy, active, science" as our work ethic. Physical and mental health, enjoying work, can obtain the really life fun.
Decarnons development is not only the combination of a person benefit and the enterprise benefit, but also everyone can share the common ideal and values. It will be the energy source of pushing our development and expansion.
A perfect salary and welfare security are provided for each employee in Decarnon as well as a broad development space.
Sincerely invite you to join us!

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