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  • International Trade Sales Assistant Interns  Apply Online

    Responsible for sending and receiving business mail.
    Company English website operators and the companys brand and business promotion;
    Responsible for the companys Web site links, advertising exchange and site-level cooperation promotion.
    Foreign Trade Commissioner to assist contact customers and suppliers, contact logistics and production of documents, customs declaration and other information.
    5 related data collection and archiving;
    6 foreign trade auxiliary work.

    The requirements are as follows:
    1 Position aims to train the companys own personnel, recruitment for the juniors and seniors.
    English better basis (whether written or said)
    Familiar with network applications, learning ability and ability to adapt.
    The obey arrangements like engaged in foreign trade or international business.

    1 provides a housing allowance and meal allowance, reimbursement of work during the transportation (bus).
    (2) During the internship basic salary, performance commission is three times the official clerk.
    Companys own training and the training of personnel, after practice recruitment exam, passing the examination can be hired immediately and does not require re-trial.
    For outstanding interns, the company will have other training opportunities, such as direct reception of foreign customers, to participate in international fairs.
  • International Trade Sales  Apply Online

    1, relying on the companys existing supply channels and other resources, to develop new markets business independently, and through a variety of trading platforms, search engines look for customer resources;
    2, new and old customers to provide resources through the companys negotiations orders.
    To follow up the implementation of pre-orders work, including a return to a customer inquiry, offer - offer matters;
    4, the order is confirmed, the independent operation of the various processes of order execution.
    5, the companys network to promote information regularly d maintenance

    Quality requirements:
    - Language skills, logical thinking ability
    - With good personal qualities. Enthusiasm and meticulous, strong sense of team work, have a high degree of professionalism and sense of responsibility, can withstand strong pressure
    - Lively and cheerful, good communication skills.
    - Good oral and written communication skills, skilled use of office software; independent and foreign communication
    - Master network trading platform s and product promotion process
    - International trade or related majors preferred

    Treatment: Negotiable
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