Products >> Reflow Series >> King-M10 unleaded microcirculation reflow machine
King-M10 unleaded microcirculation reflow machine


Original new transport rail and chain, jitter, and never fell innovative board (patent);

Microcirculation heating duct, no blind spots, small components does not shift (patent);

3, the minimum size of the component temperature difference counterparts;

4, the fuser drawer, fan maintenance fast, in just 10 minutes (replaceable);

5, track-width-modulated two error <1 mm;

6, power, the epipolar temperature counterparts minimum 30% energy saving than their peers;

7, left and right temperature zone temperature 100 ° C, easy to adjust the temperature curve;

8, up and down temperature zone temperature ° C to -30 ° C (with imported machines), especially for the double-sided;

Mingzhandaohang: nsk imported bearings skf bearings timken bearings

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