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NS-LF-350 standard lead-free wave soldering machine
the Windows2000 system stable and reliable, easy to operate. (Display: LCD);
fluxing spray (rodless cylinder or stepper motor) to ensure that the effect of flux;
The the preheat system uses five paragraphs full of hot air to warm up + one segment spotlights complement hot;
recliners manually into the end of the export, independently adjustable, the worm structure-saving and easy to tune;
width modulated encoder control, auto-width structure of the worm, the effective elimination of the size of the rail head and the middle bending, an increase of 25 times more than traditional width modulated accuracy;
Tin furnace automatic access, automatic lifting freely out of the machine, to facilitate lead-free replacement;
tin stoves, tin and the impeller casting structure never deformation, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant;
Cooling: air conditioning, air-cooled
alarm system: temperature, heater, preheater, multiple over-temperature alarm;
Siemens control system, steady as a rock.
P.C.Board Size
Substrate size
Standard 350
Conveyor Motor
Motor transport chain
1¢Ac220 90W
Conveyor Speed
Transport speed

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