NS-LD300 feeder

number of sound and light alarm function;
● You can use a standard rack, versatile;
Online display running status;
● According to the PCB thickness is set rack lifting step;
cutting machine built promotional push plate body, eliminating single cunning purchase push plate machine;
With automatic counting function to facilitate the production of statistics;
● available signal communication interface, easy to connect online with other machines.

 Board size PCB size  60-250*330(mm)
 PCB conveyor height PCB transport height ¢  900±20mm
 PCB conveyor direction PCB transport direction  L-R(P-L Option)
 Pitch ion PCB rack up step  10,20,30,40,50(mm)
 Magazine size Rack specifications applicable  320*355*567(mm)
 Power requirements  Power supply  220v 1p 50/60HZ
 Power for operation  Power consumption  180W
 Air supply Gas source  5-7kg/cm2
 Weight Weight  Approz.200kg
 Dimenaions Dimensions (L * W * H)  1500*790*1250(mm)

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