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Three machine combination
1, automatic access;
2, the upper and lower preheating, intelligent spray;
3, single tin tin stove single nozzle, precision welding;
4, substrate size: 300 mm * 350 mm
5, part height: up to 40 mm
6, solder and component minimum distance of 1.5 mm


1, in front of the machine spray and preheat, followed two machines responsible for welding;

2, the welding of the fastest production model;

3, the revolutionary new welding process (patent applied for);

4, XYZ infiltration without welding nozzle angle, nitrogen constant heating protection device, the industry leader;

5, welding qualification rate reached the worlds most advanced level;

6, according to the production line can choose more than one job;

7, with optical detection; (*)

8 for puzzle mode of production, help to improve the welding efficiency; (*)
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